This event is co-located with The UK Device Developers' Conference



Both days of the Conference will feature Half-Day Technical Workshops, designed to help you update your skills and knowledge. Places on each of the workshops are limited, so early registration is recommended.

2hr Workshop - JTAG practical workshop

2hr Workshop - Developing IoT applications on a Linux-based 3G/4G platform

2hr Workshop - Exploring and Understanding New LED Technologies


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Bring your own hardware to the "JTAG practical workshop" and find out what JTAG can test on your board.

Day 1 - 1.30am - 3.30am

This half day session will give a brief overview of JTAG testing before practical, one-on-one sessions to show how JTAG testing will work on your board.

• Verify your JTAG chain is operational and how well it works

• Try out simple point and click tools for prototype bring up and debug

• Create a whole board test including:
   - Checking for short, stuck at, and open circuit faults
   -Memory testing of RAM (SRAM, SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4) and non-        volatile memory (flash and EEPROM).
   - SPI and I2C device tests

If you are interested in attending this workshop but you will not be able to bring a board of your own we will also have other demo boards available.

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Developing IoT applications on a Linux-based 3G/4G platform

Day 2 - 1.30pm - 3.30pm

Develop, build and debug a simple application and install it on a target device.

This workshop will provide an introduction to building and running Linux-based applications on a Sierra Wireless WP Series embedded module using the Legato platform.

Participants will be provided with a bootable USB flash drive, which can be kept for future reference.

The workshop will cover:
•  An introduction to the WP Series embedded modules.
•  An overview of the Linux-based Legato platform architecture.
•  A step-by-step guide to developing a simple application:
              - Setting up and communicating with a WP series embedded module
              - Application development and build
              - Upload, control and debug
              - Communicating with the AirVantage cloud connectivity platform.


•  Attendees must bring a laptop capable of booting from a USB flash drive.
•  A basic knowledge of Linux environments and C Programming is desirable

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Exploring and Understanding LED Technologies

Day 1 - 9.30pm - 11.30pm

This 2hr workshop will be an introduction to LEDs , and associated products, in both visible and non-visible areas. It is meant to be useful to newcomers into this field. It will be split into three 40 minute sections, so that attendees can come and go as they wish.

Section 1 – Quantifying light and colour. How do LEDs emit light?

- What is light and how do our eyes react to it?
- What are the units that quantify light and colour?
- How is ‘white’ light defined?
- Is artificial white light as ‘good’ as daylight?
- How do LEDs convert electrons to photons?
- ‘Non visible’ LED radiation
- How do LEDs produce white light?


Section 2 – LED types

- Getting the light out of the LED package
- What difference does a lens make?
- Electrical Watts and Optical Watts – are they the same?
- Low power to Ultra High power, why such a range of LEDs?
- LEDs and non visible radiation


Section 3 – Applying LEDs in the right way and using additional components to produce a lighting system

- What are the applications?
- Choosing the correct LED type for the application
- What difference does a lens make?
- What type of lens is best suited to the application?
- Don’t put yourself on the spot
- Keeping your cool

There will be practical demonstrations to accompany this presentation.

ILS (Intelligent LED Solutions), a leading solutions provider and distributor, connects you to the best technical and commercial expertise in the LED marketplace. We draw on world leading quality LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors and combine them with other quality components, materials and services to provide the LED solution you want. ILS has the expertise and experience to develop, design, manufacture and supply solid state lighting assemblies. LED light engines, LED light sources, etc to meet your requirements.

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